My name is Maxime, I’m student, trader, and traveler from Odessa


Hi everyone! My name is Maxime, I’m an ukraine university student from Odessa. I’m about to graduate and I’m not taking university lessons anymore, but I created a full time activity following my dream: becoming a trading expert and make a living working online.

Yeah, in Odessa we got nice historical building !

It’s a passion that I’ve been rearing since first year of High school. At that time I didn’t have any support from my family and I tried to suppress this desire, but two years after I had the fortune to meet some really special people that became my trading team. We are sharing the same ideals and objectives, so our collaboration started with a good rhythm and is continuing even now.


Growing together and making the best of our lives.

From that first year of high school I feel that I worked and developed my skills so much! At first it was just me and Judy, one of my classmates, who started to share my aspirations and decided to follow me in this project. Followed a very long period of researches, I have surfed the net day and night, trying to find what I was looking for while staying focused with school duties too. Judy had the same enthusiasm as me, and we worked really hard from the first day. At the end of high school two new members(Jake and Clay) were added to our team and the real trading activity began. Some months after, we started to make real money. Judy and everyone were so satisfacted, but I felt we could do a lot more, so I hired some external staff (web designers, technicians etc.)

And our business grew just like that:boom!

(Me and Judy, one of the member of my trading team…chilling around with our group of coworkers)

Future objectives and achievements

This may seem the end of the story; I have finally obtained what I was dreaming from high school times, I can finally make a living by working online and trading with my specialized team. But people, I tell you that’s just the beginning for me. I want to experience more, to travel more, to build something so firm that it’s destined to last for a lifetime and maybe more. And my true fortune is that my team seems to think exactly the same things. So we are planning to ecxphand our markets in Asia area, create new trading websites and platforms, share our experiences with all of you so everyone will know that is never wrong to follow your passions.

Yeah, just travelling around…

And enjoying each minute !