My new friend Marco and french trading

Everyone, do you remember when I went to Paris a couple of months ago? Well, I still haven’t told you everything about that last minute trip! Drinking cocktails, chatting with people, eating eclaires I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and making some new friends. One of this new acquaintances is Marco, as the title says. I had such a beautiful time with him and so I wanted to share this story with you too!

Online portals and chitchat

I was amazed from the first moment when I heard of Marco’s success with his online trading activity. He now owns several trading portals, moneyonlinethai (IQ Option and other broker’s reviews), and he’s currently using them as savings for a more professional future. He had to speriment a huge variety of trading methods first and then he had to do his best while managing so many things at a time, but it seems that his trading platforms are reaching the top and collecting very positive reviews, so you can understand how much I admired him when he talked to me about his projects, with a satisfacted smile on his face. I am actually thinking of trying one of Marco’s websites too, you never know what the destiny can bring right? (Personally I would love some more trading fortune!) . Anyway , we didn’t talk about work all the time and we could relax a lot together, so I would definitely be happy to repeat this experience!


Everything looks better after a cocktail!


Reaching the top starting from zero

I’ve always wondered how it would feel like to start an activity form nothing( and when I say nothing I mean really nothing, absolute zero!) And have to wait a lot not even knowing if at the end you’ll obtain what you’ve been working for ,and for such a long time. Well, Marco seems to have experienced this sensations and I was really glad he accepted to share them with me. I’m so excited to hear about his portals again and I would really like to help him and(you never know)start a collaboration. I actually want to know more about net trading and he happens to have become a real expert about it…. So I ‘m already waiting for my next Paris travel to meet him again, hope he’ll have a good time until then!

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