The water capital and the trading bank

When you feel like having fun while working and you want to be surrounded by crowds of tourists, just go to Venice


Here I am with another journey that is going to take me to Venice, in south Italy. It’s the first time in Italy and I have to admit I have been a little distracted looking around and exploring the neighborhood . But I surely didn’t forget the reason why I came here. Everyone knows that Italian people have their own way even in the trading sector, and I always wanted to learn some tricks working with them or during a conference. That said, after some thought researches I finally found an event that took my interest and just like that I was buying thickets and getting ready with my backpack. I always try to put work before pleasure, of curse, but I have been reading so much quotes on Venice since I found this event that I couldn’t contain myself.

So I went walking in the city, I went on a water bus and I ate so much sweets and espresso coffee that at the end of the day my colleagues started making jokes of me becoming fat in just one day!

But that is it, after the crazy first day, I took part to an inspiring conference held by a prestigious Venice university and I learned so many things! What I would like to share most, though, is the after event I was invited to attend by some italian people I had a chat with at the conference.

The best landscape ever!

The best strategies I’ve ever heard!


It’s impressive how many people I had the chance to meet that single evening. I was suddenly introduced to some trading expert in the Italian market that voluntarily started sharing trading secrets with me as Bollindger Bands strategy, we exchanged contacts and I even had the opportunity to start a cooperation with one of them! My team was invited too and at the end of the after event we shared what we learned and I was really amazed by the quantity of information that just the 5 of us managed somehow to collect.

And the most interesting part is that it was just the beginning. I stayed in Italy for just a couple of days, but I did understand a very interesting truth: one of the most important part of trading affairs is actually socializing. If you manage to continue a constant flow of collaborations, relationships and information you will always have a way to make some profit from even a cocktail party!

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