Vienna in solo

Sometimes you have to be alone and make your own choices to be successful


Lone wolf as I am I decided to fly to Austria capital all by myself. The truth is that my team was having a bit of a problem with a recent investment (maybe we went too far and that’s what we’ve got) so I took the chance to breath some fresh air and do some researches in the foreign trading fields. I always like to keep moving and do some new discovery that can help my colleagues doing a better job and that can assure to my team just a bit of security in our investment. But the truth is that in the trading field you never really know. So I think that a good strategy is to have always a second, even better third option in every trading operation. Because fail is always behind the corner and even with your best effort you may never see it until it gets you.

That said, I have now been chatting for a very long time with some big company specialized in trading operations, and I finally thought it was time to reach for their offerings. So I went to Vienna to negotiate with them and find the perfect terms for our cooperation. They had the consideration to let me rest from the journey and then they even postponed a bit the meeting to let me feel comfortable with the new environment : it was a really nice first step!

Diplomacy is a more useful tool than you think!


The meeting was held on Monday, in a luxurious hotel ‘s conference room. As I wanted to explore the surroundings and the company location I was at first a bit disappointed, but after they offered me Vienna’s special hot coffee(with cream!) It went obviously all well. I kept in touch with the rest of my team during the meeting using Skype in conference mode and so we could all express our feelings and have a better understanding of each other requests. There was a lot to discuss but I have to say I am really happy with the  terms we come to all together.

I should have foresaw that trading experts like them would have perfect manners too and would be likely to communicate and be very open in every part of the contract, but in the trading business you are always supposed to picture the worst first, and then sometimes be surprised! It seems my team was happy too with the result of the meeting, I hope to have managed to cheer everybody up just a little bit!

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