Old team reunion

It’s always a pleasure to meet new people, but drinking a good beer with some old friends is the best!


Since I first started my trading business I made contact with so many different people and of course I didn’t start with my actual team of colleagues. But since that time I feel I went such a long way and I kind of lost contact with so many of the fantastic people who I had the opportunity to meet. But ,just like the trading world, you can’t really say in life too and last month I received an interesting offer. My ex teammates wanted to do a reunion and they invited me to go to Sidney and assist to a conference all together just like the old days.

I was so happy to hear from them since such a long time and I choose to go solo again to a trip just for myself. This time I decided that I would consider and listen thoughtfully every speaker at the conference, but my team reunion would came first. I was in Sidney for a week and one of my colleagues, Mark, who is working there full time, offered to help me and to show me around for the first two days. I asked about his job and we had a very interesting exchange if information: he told me that for the time being he is working for a trading company as a technical support and that he’s planning to create a trading website in the near future. I did think it was really a nice idea, but it would be difficult to do alone. We decided then to talk about this project with the other members of our reunion in the days that came and see how the things would go.

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The other teammates came the third day and I enjoyed very much to hear about their careers and their achievements : one of them is currently working for a prestigious bank in London, another seems to have found his way in the investment area supporting various companies at once etc.

I have to say that this time’s conference was a little boring comparing to the information I have earned from my friends. I had the impressions that even the most expert speakers had been talking about the same basic trading principles over and over again and I felt like it would be better to add some new techniques or trading strategies along the way. But like I said at first, just for this time my group reunion was more important.

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