France last minute

If you find trading success in the capital of love no one can stop you anymore!

  This time Patrick Stews (one of the oldest member of my team) and I went to Paris without even a week of planning, and I have to say it was intense. We couldn’t get ready with all the documents and statistics that we needed and so we had to research and prepare everything during the flight and in the most strange places(the most unfamiliar one was a fast food so full of people that I could barely fit my laptop on the corner of the table).
  There was a meeting between different trading companies and we received the invitation just a few days before the event, so Patrick and I were the only ones available to go last minute and attend the meeting. It seems like this time there would have been even some short lesson time to help our companies to have a better understanding of the mechanisms of the trading market and we couldn’t lose this golden opportunity to level up our activity.

Loved the food here! Don’t wanna come back

Waiting for the best opportunity is not always a good strategy: first is best to take what you’ve got and see how it goes.

  At the same time some of the attending companies were every trader dreams, and we wanted to make everything perfect to take the chance to start a collaboration with them. But unfortunately the effort wasn’t worth it: we expected a private meeting, for just a couple of companies, but we had to face a huge, extremely huge conference room filled with so many people. The caos confused me and Patrick a little, but we still managed to find our way to our companies of interest.

  The end of the discussions? It may be something, but it may be not. In a few words, nothing significant for our business seems to have happened. For now. Another things that the experienced Patrick thaught me is that even a little possibility can became something big in the future, so it’s important to leave seeds everywhere you can even if you know that they may bloom very late, or they may not bloom at all.

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