Liverpool with web designers team

I was thinking about creating a new website to add to the actual one (


But I just found out that I am not so much of an expert as I’ve been thinking until now, so I decided to ask for help calling some professionsits. I met Lucy and Stefan through a web portal for freelance requests, and they seemed very professional and trustworthy! They are both skilled web designer and Lucy is thinking about entering the trading market some time soon.

I was very thrilled when she told me that and after the end of the project I invited them to meet with my team in Liverpool(we had some urgent matters there and I really wanted to talk in person with the two of them soon,so I endend combining the two appointment) . The thing that made me most satisfacted was the reaction of my team to the two of them: we talked for hours about the future of Lucy and the aspirations of Stefan and we left full of hope fort their career.

Just for this time everyone became just like teachers and tried with our best efforts to explain our job in a simple way to the two designers, I’m glad to say they seemed to understand even the most detailed parts of our talk. I also remembered to introduce them Maxime, a very special friend and partner in business. He’s currently working for a big trading company that is about to settle online with a long range website(I foresee a tremendous popularity! ) but his career doesn’t start here: as we share the passion for traveling and exploring new realities he accompanied me in a lot of occasions before my start up with the current team, and we created together a very long list of successfully completed tasks and satisfacted clients all the way around our journeys.

A trading story full of profits!

As he agreed to reach me in Liverpool too I saw that was the perfect opportunity to share our experiences with everyone and my team seems to have taken interest in Maxime working methods and ethics. He told me he also owns a website now (, a web trading review one) and he is earning a fortune collecting business success everywhere he goes! I was so happy to hear that and I will continue to work hard too surfing the trading market always on the crest!


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